my list for 2014, the year of world domination.

I’m more of a list person than a resolution person. Every year I create a big list that helps give direction to the things I want to do, be, and enjoy. I shared my list last year. It was a list that met with varying degrees of success, which will probably be the case every year (although I definitely want to do a better job this year than I did last year).

This list is always really varied, some silly stuff, some profound stuff, some material stuff, personal goals, self improvement, health stuff, vocation stuff, etc.

I’m still brainstorming and compiling the list for 2014, and while I know it’s a long shot, I wanted to share what I had so far to see if anyone had some good ideas to add on. Last year I intended to write posts about individual entries on the list, which never happened. Maybe this year it will.

Anyway, here’s what I got so far for 2014, the year of world domination… or at least the year I lay the ground work to make world domination inevitable:

  1. Read 52 Books
  2. Get a bar tending job
  3. Run a 24 minute 5k
  4. Be better about communicating with long distance friends and family
  5. Build or remake something awesome
  6. Buy a tailored suit
  7. Weight to 160lbs. (Unless muscle starts bringing my weight back up again)
  8. Miami Friendcation (I know you don’t like that word, and I don’t care)
  9. Visit Wes in SoCal
  10. Writing retreat in Portland (city guys like me do retreats in their favorite metropolises)
  11. Run an officially timed 5k and 10k
  12. Finish writing a novel
  13. Get something published (fiction)
  14. Dance more
  15. Start going back to therapy
  16. Make an awesome halloween costume
  17. Finish at least two short stories a month
  18. Get my first tattoo (raven)
  19. Be more hospitable, again
  20. Develop better daily writing habits
  21. Read everything by Kurt Vonnegut (I think I’ll start doing this with a new author every year)
  22. Get a PS4 =)
  23. Publish an essay somewhere
  24. Do more karaoke
  25. 36 theater movies
  26. Learn to tie a bow tie
  27. Manage my time better
  28. Finish adding things to this list

So, does anybody have a list of their own? Or perhaps some good ideas I should add to mine? Mine is still a ways from being done. Obviously, feel free to send them to me privately if you’d rather not send them in the comments section.


3 Responses to “ my list for 2014, the year of world domination. ”

  1. 1. People who don’t like the word friendcation can suck it.
    2. Blancos just made a huge “Extreme Makeover: Apartment Edition” list. It’s amazeballs.
    3. We should all run (read you run, I walk) a 5K together.
    4. Finish your novel that Josh nod I were reading!
    5. Please don’t get a PS4. I will lose my husband.
    6. Make sure Amanda is around when you get your tattoo, she’ll want to see it happen.
    7. Force your wife to watch Jurrassic Park.
    8. Make fetch happen.

    • 1. Agreed.
      2. I really want to see this amazeballs list.
      3. Let’s do it!
      4. I started working on some revisions of the existing stuff tonight, I’m hoping to dive in again. Finally! Thanks for the continued encouragement.
      5. I’ll keep that in mind, but I bet he gets one before I do.
      6. Deal.
      7. Let’s make that happen this month!
      8. What is that, again?